HI Destination Management Pvt. Ltd. is a private organization that offers interesting jungle activities to adventure enthusiasts of all ages, group training and family programs. Our Jungle Survival Training is widely loved as it offers a chance to learn tips and tricks that can help you endure the harsh environment of the jungle like a pro.

Feel lucky to be at the best tiger forest in the world. Explore the jungle on your own and surprise your friends and competitors with the best techniques on how to survive alone in the dense forest. Jungle Survival Exercise provides you an opportunity to learn about the basic elements that constitute life in the forests of Bandhavgarh in Madhya Pradesh.

The Jungle Survival Academy

Survival is the necessity for all mankind. Be it at workplace, home or out in the wilderness, jungles or drought stricken land. One has to be self reliant and confident enough to deal with all the challenges life throws at us. Patience, perseverance and practice is what helps us to face any challenge and overcome them. Our Jungle Survival Academy being the 1s of its kind in India, in the canopy of the dense forests of Bandhavgarh National Park in Madhya Pradesh, is making all endeavors to make you self reliant and self sufficient for SURVIVAL. Yes, “survival of the fittest” is what we all talk about and we at the academy are here to impart all the knowledge, survival techniques and practical skills. At our academy, we have highly skilled and professional ex-army men who would teach, prepare and train you with all the techniques, plans and methods for jungle survival.

The survival training at our academy is a 4 day programme wherein you will be taught:

  • How to forage food and differentiate between edible and non edible food.
  • Build a shelter using all that is available in the forest.
  • Light a fire using traditional and modern methods for cooking and keeping the prey away.
  • Simple technique to collect water and how to purify it for drinking, cooking and bathing purpose.
  • To live hygienically in the forest so that one is free from allergies and diseases, to enjoy the adventures of the forest.
  • Preparedness for all circumstances be it knowledge about first aid for survival in the jungle, self protection from wildlife and the extreme weather conditions.
  • Usage of modern navigation tools like compass, GPS, watch or navigation through the position of the sun and the stars.

This kind of training for jungle survival is a must for all individuals. The survival techniques can be used when one is faced with any adverse situation or one is taking an adventurous trip into the forest. It makes you confident mentally and physically to see a situation, interpret it and teaches you how to surpass it. Every person must have basic knowledge for survival, and what can be better if you get full practical and theoretical knowledge for survival with our academy. Once you join our academy you will be oozing with confidence, mentally you will be ready to take on any challenge and you will be swift in taking decisions for survival in the wilderness. Come take this journey full of adventure in the forests of Bandhavgarh for an experience of a lifetime.